HSBC + Paris Van Java, Boeing Branding Ad
A co-branding ad between HSBC and Paris Van Java Mall in Bandung. The ad is placed in all Air Asia aircraft serving Bandung route.

Pomato Asia's Branding Ad
This is a very straight to the point ad. We simpy believe that creativity & great personality must come in one package.

We came up with this unique execution & turns out to be pretty nice.

Andreas Sugianto - Business Card
Andreas Sugianto is a well established interior designer in Singapore. He requested us to design a business card that is not only simple but also sophisticated.

As the result, we created the logo from his initials, have it die-cut so that the logo can be seen from both sides of the card.

Bakrie Telecom Company Profile

Tulip House
A branding project for an online baby shop called Tulip House. The works include e-commerce website, stationery, calendars and other collaterals.

Pomato Asia's Exhibition Booth
This was our exhibition booth, specially designed for FGD Expo back in 2009. The wooden panel was made from used cargo pallettes as a form of our support for a greener and more sustainable earth. It has finally found a permanent home, as our decorative wall in our office's lounge.

Little Acorn
Another branding project for an infant & toddler centre called Little Acorn.

Versus Magazine
These images were initially meant for Versus Media Kit, but in the end, we decided to use them in their print ads.

HSBC Phone Banking Poster
This communication shows how easy banking transaction can be made.

HSBC Corporate Banking Insurance Direct Mail Package
This direct mail is targetted to HSBC corporate clients. The purpose of this DM is to provoke & remind them the importance of having insurance for their business.

HSBC Hung Bao
The year of the ox in a newly explored illustration style.

HSBC Corporate Banking Direct Mail
Simple message doesn't have to be boring. We created the direct mail, interractive enough for our clients to play with.

HSBC Premier Brochure
Another example of good execution for a hard sell message.

HSBC Internet Banking Direct Mail
We can't afford to create a brochure or DM that HSBC client will just throw away without even bother reading it. That is the reason we created this DM.

HSBC Cafe Branding
All Daily Bread cafe that is located in the same building with HSBC was re-branded as HSBC Cafe.

HSBC Payroll Brochure

HSBC Corporate Banking Remittance DM
Again, another way to get the reader involved to achieve better understanding of the offer.

Fresha / Freshgud Milk Carton
Fresha & Freshgud are two local fresh milk brands. Freshgud targets young mothers, while Fresha, young teenagers.

Mos Burger Hoarding
A teaser prior to the launch of Mos Burger in Indonesia

WWF "Use Less Paper" Campaign
This stamp will be distributed to several companies in Jakarta. To use the stamp, simply press it to the side of paper stack. Along with the usage of the paper, people can see the effect of decreasing tree. The purpose of this communication is to remind people that extensive use of paper plays an important role in deforestation in Indonesia.

CP World Indonesia Brochures
CP World Indonesia is one of the most succesful freight forwarding company in Indonesia.

Signature Kitchen Brochure

Accupunto Website
Accupunto is a furniture company. They have won several international awards including Reddot, Good Design Award, etc.

Villa Hanani Website
Located in Bali, this fine development has always been the main destination for getaways. They need the website to attracts more international guests. To view the website, visit